TRAILBLAZERADVENTURECLUB Organisation being run by young individuals with a vision to enhance the good qualities lying within the Youth of India for a constructive and better future of the Nation. Embracing the theme of ‘Youth Empowerment’ and keeping the moral values and ethics in centre; the club will prove to be a benchmark in training the Young citizens especially the students to make them understand their need for the society and thereby serve the Nation in whole.

At TrailBlazer Adventure Club we provide expert innovative learning that combines adventure and education in a positive and creative environment. TrailBlazer Adventure Club has two main aims that comprise our mission statement. Regardless of age, gender, race, and beliefs of those who spend time with TrailBlazer Adventure Club, there will be a transference of positive personal and social interactions from the adventurous activities undertaken, through direct experimental learning. We hope that individuals will grow in confidence, become a more effective team member, have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the environmental experimental education, and build upon it in the future.